The regional ensemble began its activity in 1983 as Regional Foklore Group Błędowice under the leadership of its founder, Mrs. Dagmar Palarčík. Błędowice (in Czech: Bludovice) is the name of the village, which is now part of the city Hawierzów (in Czech: Havířov). RFG Błędowice presents the culture of Tesin and coal miners in faithful performances with typical traditions, dances, songs and costumes specific to their region.

Folk culture attracts us with its joy, poetry and folk wisdom proven by generations of our ancestors. While RFG Błędowice attracts us with an atmosphere during its rehearsals, performances and domestic and foreign trips.

We feel connected with this land, and the dances, songs and poetry of the local artists give us a sense of warmth of home. Our activity is mainly connected with the traditions of the areas of Błędowice, Datynie, Szonów, Karwina, but sometimes we visit other regions for a moment (czech dances, polish national dances and, as part of ballroom programs, also latin, standard and other dances).

While preparing the repertoire and programs, the group draws from the writings of Adam Palowski, Gustaw Firla, Jan Tacina and from the stories of our grandparents, who still remember the old times. The binding word is elaborated by Lidia Kosiec and Jolanta Kożusznik. We are looking for inspiration in the poetry of Aniela Kupiec, Ewa Milerska, Lidia Kosiec. We also work with the folklorist Anna Wacławikowa and prof. Karol Daniel Kadłubiec. Information obtained from the Opava archive and museums in Český Těšín and Ostrava also help us achieve historical accuracy.

Today the group works under the auspices of MK PZKO in Havířov-Bludovice, the polish school in Havířov-Bludovice and the city of Havířov. The ensemble cooperates with local media, for example ČT Ostrava (CZ), TVP Katowice (PL), radio in Ostrava (CZ) and local newspapers and magazines Zwrot, Głos, Deník (CZ). Currently the group consists of:

  • 2 dance groups: Mali (Little) Błędowianie, Zespół Regionalny Błędowice
  • group of singers “Kamraci z kamratkami”
  • 2 bands ”Kamraci“ and “Partyja”

Team Composition

Organizational director: Dorota Pawlasová
Artist director: Anna Kadlubcová, Weronika Siwková
Financial manager: Piotr Chroboczek
Dancers from 15 y.o. and older